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Modern Software for the Independent Inspector

You work on the go, and mobile technology is finally mature enough to make a difference to your business. We get the recording and reporting out of the way so you can focus on the inspection, and get it done faster.

  • Fast, safe software on your iPhone, iPad and computer
  • Finish the report by the time you leave the property
  • Pay as you go, no up front cost, quit any time

Inspector Works was designed from the ground up for today's mobile world. We're a small company dedicated to making you more efficient as a home inspector.

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Your Work Follows You Around

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Imagine: You set up an inspection on your office computer when you're on the phone with a client. You show up at the home and begin the inspection on your iPhone or iPad. Later, back at the office, you review the report and apply the final touches on your desktop computer before publishing the report and sending it to your client and the agent.

Not at your office when the call comes in? You can still set up the inspection on your mobile device, right then and there.

No cell service? No problem: Work offline, and synchronize your data the next time you have network service.

Ditch Your Camera, Laptop, Pencil and Paper

Inspect more efficiently, using your iPhone or iPad to take photos and record your observations as you inspect.

Photos will automatically appear in the right place in the report, and you can quickly scroll through them to show your client your concerns on the spot.

The app is designed with speed in mind, so you can do more inspections. Or spend more time with your family.

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Deliver Crystal Clear Reports

Your reports will be ready for viewing on even the smallest mobile screens. No more zooming and squinting. Pictures and text will automatically be sized correctly for whatever screen your customer is using. PDFs are available on-demand at any time.

You can customize the reports to meet all your specific needs: Contracts, disclaimers, supplemental material. Whatever you need.

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Inspect the Way You Like

You can customize every aspect of your template, to match how you like to inspect. Start with our standard template or create your own from scratch.

And it's not just templates.

  • Change the names of areas and items
  • Use your own words for how you rate each item
  • Edit the supplied text snippets, and add your own
  • Customize the report and brand it for yourself
  • Load your contacts for easy insertion in reports
  • And more...

Modern, Safe and Fast

Inspector Works is built from the ground up for the mobile world. It runs on iPhone and iPad, and can also be used in any modern web browser. Inspector Works supports the ASHI and InterNACHI standards of practice.

Works on the Web Too

We store your inspection data online, backed up and secured. We keep your reports online for at least a year, and provide convenient archiving options after that.