Inspect Efficiently

Ditch Your Camera, Laptop, Pencil and Paper

Inspector Works was designed from the ground up for today's mobile world. Take a look at how we make your inspection time more efficient.

One Touch Away

Access to key information about the property is just one touch away, and all the inspection areas are listed here, based on your custom template.

The yellow background shows you Areas that are incomplete, so you always know what work remains.

Key Information

Move Quickly

Each Area lists the Items you plan to inspect. Delete ones you don't need; make a copy if there are two of something, like a second kitchen.

Capture descriptions of items with multiple choice lists and optional comments. Note the condition of each item from your custom ratings.

Everything is easy-to-access, all within one or two touches of each other, so you can move quickly through each Area.


Photos, and Quick Text

Record your observations as you go, with as many photos as you need.

Inspector Works comes with hundreds of pre-defined text snippets that you can insert as needed. Or use built-in voice-to-text translation to save your fingers some typing.

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Rate the Condition

Each item gets a rating to indicate its condition at the time of inspection.

You decide what the ratings should be called, and which ones are included in an optional inspection summary in the report.


Review with Your Client

Quickly review photos with your client on-site or later.

Photos can be marked "inspector-only" so your client won't see ones you've taken for your own reference.

There's More...

Explore the other benefits Inspector Works offers, or watch a short video tour to see everything in action.