Find the plan that's right for you

All plans include every feature, and start with a generous free trial


Do a handful of inspections every month and pay as you go.

$6 / inspection


Do up to 40 inspections a month, then pay just $4 per additional inspection.

$49 / month

Questions? We have Answers.

How does the free trial work?

We want you to have time to figure out whether Inspector Works is right for you. You can use the service completely free for 21 days. The clock doesn't start until you complete your first inspection. So watch the demo, set things up, ask questions. And then, when you're ready, use Inspector Works for real for 21 days, no charge. At the end, we'll ask you to select a plan and setup your form of payment.

Can I see a demonstration first?

It's great to see a demo before you subscribe to such an important service. We have a series of videos showing what it's like to inspect and work with inspector works. After that, we'll be happy to answer your questions. We can talk by phone or email at your convenience. Click here to see the video tour.

What kind of commitment am I making when I sign up?

None. You can try things out, ask questions and make suggestions. You're free to close your account at any time, with no obligation. We're not asking for a credit card or any kind of payment until the end of your free trial.

Does the software work on Android? Windows Phone?

No. This is for iPhone and iPad. We have no plans to create an Android or Windows version.

I have a question that's not answered here.

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