Crystal Clear Reports for any Device – Even Paper

Your clients want to read their reports on phones, tablets and other little screens. But you also need to produce paper, or at least a PDF. We've got you covered.

See what else we do to make your reports exactly what your clients need.

Every Device

When clients view their reports on their phones, the text and photos are automatically sized for easy reading and viewing.

The same report on a tablet computer will look just as good, appropriately sized for the available screen.

Desktop computer with a big monitor? Same thing: Everything is sized for your client.

And if you need a PDF or paper report, those come out nice too.

Reports for Any Device

Issue Summary

Inspection reports can be long. When you need to get to the bottom line quickly, use the Issue Summary feature. It brings the most important issues to their own section at the beginning of the report.

Your client can get the important stuff without reading the whole thing, then go back for the details later.

Issue Summary

Narrate Your Areas

Want to provide a general disclaimer about plumbing or electrical? Like to describe what you're responsible for in each Area?

You're in luck: You can have custom text at the beginning and/or end of each Area in the report.

Narrate Your Areas

Add Documents

Insert other documents in your report as needed. You can insert your contract, standards of practice, general disclaimers or anything you like, near the beginning or at the end of each report.

Add Documents

Easy Access

Keep your clients organized, with a Table of Contents.

Use it just in PDFs, just on Web versions of the report, or both – or neither! It's up to you for each template.

Table of Contents

Sample Reports

Take a look at a sample report. There is a PDF Report and a Web Report. Make sure you check out the Web Report on your mobile phone or tablet, to see how it adapts to the smaller screen.

There's More...

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