Our customers store sensitive information in our systems, like the phone numbers, email addresses and home addresses of their clients. We think data security and privacy are critical to business success and part of the responsibility of every business. To that end, we do a lot to secure and protect your information.

We Protect Your Data

We encrypt data that travels over the internet, whether between your mobile device and our servers, or between one of our servers and another. We save your data immediately, and back it up to multiple geographical locations several times a day. Our encryption technology is the same used by leading banks.

We Keep our Servers Secure

We follow industry standard practices to secure our servers. These practices include routinely updating the software installed on our servers, physically protecting access to them and restricting access only to people who absolutely need that access to provide service to you.

We Protect your Billing Information

Credit card transactions are processed using the same level of encryption used by leading banks. Furthermore, your card number and billing address are stored only with our payment processor on a PCI-Compliant system.

Want more Detail?

If you have any questions about our security measures, please get in touch with us at

Need to Report a Problem?

Inspector Works is grateful for the contributions to software security made by security researchers in our industry. If you believe you have discovered a security vulnerability in our service, please contact us immediately at You will have our full and immediate attention.